Monday, 12 January 2009

Women and Cars

This is not an answer to, '2 things men love'.

This is an answer to, ' What makes a bad combination?'. It doesn't even sound as good as women & clothes or women & shopping. :)

This might get some feminist jump-off their seats after reading this. But I got to admit not many women are really good at taking care of their cars. And I confess, I'm one of them.

How many of you check your car's engine oil/radiator coolant in between service?

How many of you can roll-up your sleeves and change a flat tyre?

Let me tell you a few mishaps I got into with my car for the past 4 years of ownership.

Two years ago, the battery went dead because I never refill the battery water and I didn't know it's about time to change it anyway.

Last year, my car stopped and won't start in the middle of the road because it ran out of gas.

And most recently, in fact yesterday, I drove from home to office not knowing I got a flat tyre until I reached the office's car park. If only I noticed it earlier, it wouldn't have cost me MYR145 for one ruined tyre.

Honestly speaking, when talk about cars, I know little. Luckily I have Arif for advice. :)

What about you? What were your experiences with your car? Please take the poll below.


dee said...

i was with anis when her car ran out of gas. it was on friday, around 6pm. the traffic at klcc area was superbly crazy that day. and we managed to add more misery to other road users that day by stalling her car at the very packed intersection of jalan ampang / jalan p.ramlee. yay!!

Embun a.k.a Anis said...

thank you dee...

mast@work said...

setakat tukar tayar sendiri boleh kut.. itu pun praktis time pakai kancil dolu2.. huhuhu.. tp kadang2 au terlupa gak nak check macam2 kat keta tu.. bateri la, air la.. ahaks

Nisa said...

anis, my answer for ur poll is exactly the no.1..huhu. diulangi, i only know how to drive it AND IF IT'S AUTOMATIC! eh, tp aku pun tau check minyak dah habis ke blom..hihi