Thursday, 30 December 2010

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Recap 2010.

1. Finish up jewelry order - DONE!
2. Jewelry making class - still in the folder under 'Another Idea' collecting dust..
3. Get engaged - FAILED!
4. Career advancement - left Aker and joined MMC
5. Umrah - tak sempat tahun ni.. insyaAllah tahun depan
6. Socialize more - banyak gi melalak kat karaoke je.. sejak Wangsa Walk buka tahun ni

So what's for 2011.. Can I not make any resolution this year? Nway I've done a long term to-do list - right-side of the blog - already..

One thing I'm sure of is that I'm going to swarm myself with work and not think about love, relationship and marriage..


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Anonymous said...

ko cakap pasal jewelry, aku tak bayor lagi.. ish ish.. sungguh memalukan.. aku dah dapat barangnya.. superb.. cantek.. aku paling suka kaler pink.. nanti aku bayor eh.. janji.. hehehe