Monday, 29 December 2008

Where to eat in JB?

I'm a Johorian and proud of it. I lived in JB for 16 years before I moved to KL. What I love most about JB is the delicious local food such as mee bandung, mee rebus, satay, nasi lemak, soto, lontong, etc. So everytime I go back, I never fail to make a trip to my favorite eateries.

Last Christmas I went back to JB for 5 days and I had a lot of fun. My family and I went to two of our fav restaurants for breakfast and dinner.

1- Breakfast @ Kacang Pool Haji

Kacang pool is sort of gravy made of kacang parang (probably kidney beans in english...someone pls correct me), onions and some spices served with chopped onions and chillies, fried egg and thick toast.

Kacang pool, MYR4.00

Everyone should try this. They're so yummy. I still can't find it anywhere in KL. If anyone knows where I can find kacang pool in KL, do let me know =)

Kacang Pool Haji
No. 3, Medan Selera Larkin Bomba,
Susur 5, Jalan Tun Abdul Razak,
Johor Bahru.

2- Dinner @ It Roo Cafe

This place is famous for it's chicken chop. Awarded as "Best Chicken Chop in Town" by The Star on 2003 and until now it is still the best to me.

Front view of the cafe

Grilled chicken chop with black pepper sauce, MYR11.50

Sirloin steak with mushroom sauce, MYR19.00

Kuey teow kantonis, MYR6.50

Chicken chop with mushroom sauce, MYR11.50

Everything was delicious plus the price is reasonable. I like the ambience, great for a family gathering or special occasion. You can call to make reservation to avoid disappointment because it can be a full house during weekends.

It Roo Cafe
17, Jalan Dhoby,
Johor Bahru.
07- 222 7780


Nisa said...

Bestnya kacang pol..anis la yg introduce..pastu kelakarnya siap minta abg firdaus tolong carik sampai sesat2..akhirnya jmpa gakk..huhu..bila la dpt makan lagi. mmg sedap + unik!

Anonymous said...

aku ingat anis pernah cuba bawak ke sini x ingat bila..
tapi, bila sampai, tutup la pulak...