Thursday, 5 February 2009

The fun in jewelry making

To those who are dear to me, they certainly well aware of my character. I'm the type who easily gets bored with something. Hence the reason I keep on looking for a new hobby.

First, it was baking. Then I get bored after I found out it's more fulfiling eating them rather than making them. That is why my interest is in food and not

Then, it was selling stuff. Well I have always had interest in business. I guess it runs in the family. But now business is quite slow, probably due to the economic downturn. But I never give up hope. :)

And now, it is jewelry making. I LOVE jewelry. Who doesn't rite. It gives update to your outfit. You can easily jazz up a plain t-shirt and jeans combo with a chunky necklace. And I think people use jewelry to express their sense of style and personality.

Anyway, one day I stumbled upon 2 websites selling jewelry making supply online, Marina Craft and Then an idea hit me. I have been searching for brooches to wear with my hijab but I can't find something that i like. So, why not I make one myself.

After spending a sum amount of money buying guide book, tools, beads and findings, I was ready to make my own brooch and more.

And these are what I've made so far...

Fresh water pearl brooch

Buttons bracelet

It was a lot of fun making them and really testing my

My next project will be a bracelet for my mom and some stuff for my blogshop.

And this is the book that I bought to get started with jewelry making. It was really useful.

Now all I hope for is that I won't get bored making jewelry too... :)

2 comments: said...

Hey, good luck with your blogshop! You are very talented, that's for sure! Nice book, where did you get it?

Anis said...

Thank you, Marina. I bought the book at Times Bookstore.

Anyway, you have good stuff at your store :)