Thursday, 2 April 2009

Festival Seni 2009 @ UM

Last Monday my sister and I attended annual art fest at Universiti Malaya. It's been quite a while since I watched a Malay traditional dance being performed live. The last time was during my uni days when I was one of the dancer. I love to dance especially zapin.

Anyway, I was there to watch my kid brother performs and I was quite shocked at how good he is. I'm so proud of him... :)

I really enjoyed all the performances and I felt great watching young people with passion towards Malay heritage and culture.

Here are some of the best photos I managed to grab from my brother's friend.

i love this blue-green color combination

that's my brother, Asraf, in the front


_mmm_ said...

adik kak anis kolej baper? menang x? slalu kalau diorg menang nnt kene perform on malam juara2..this week la..nana dulu slalu pegi. sanggup jalan kaki tgh2 malam redah hutan nak pegi DTC ramai2 tgk budak2 kolej perform..

Anis said...

dia kolej ke-2 n dpt no 5 je hari tu. its quite a tough competition coz semua bagus2..

untung student UM ada benda2 ni.. klu kt UTM dlu xde sgt, kt sana krg berkebudayaan sket..

pcuserz said...

ade lagi ke festival seni ni?
start bile?
sampai bile?
dulu ade pegi gak, tgk teater.