Monday, 27 April 2009

Musical Theater Mahsuri 2009

My family and I watched this last Saturday. It was a full house. This musical was directed by Fauziah Nawi and starred by Vanidah Imran, Arja Lee and Azizah Mahzan to name a few.

What I was looking forward to see in the show were;
1. white blood, how will the director visualize it
2. stage prop
3. the singing

And what I got;
1. a burst of white confetti
2. good stage prop
3. bad singing

My reviews;
1. it was not really a theater but more like a sketch about a girl named Mahsuri due to lack of elaboration; it only runs for about one and a half hour
2. Deramang character was very vague
3. need improvement in sound and lighting department; there were a few blips
4. there should be subtitle (like what they did in PGL) if they want to reach out to viewers from other races both local and foreign; if I wasn't a Malay and knew about the Legend of Mahsuri I wouldn't understand what's so special about Mahsuri
5. good performance by Sabera Shaik as Mahura

Overall verdict...Disappointing full stop

me and family

opening screen

cast and crew

arja sangat hensem...

More artistic review here and here.

Mahsuri is staged at Istana Budaya from 24th to 30th April 2009.


Anonymous said...

ye ke kurang best anis? tgok promotion diorang cam gempak... frust gak eh kalau tak seperti diharapkan.

Anis said...

pada pendapat anis la...penceritaan sgt simple. terkejut gak bila tiba2 dh hbs.