Sunday, 30 August 2009

9th Ramadhan

The day starts with a pinch of hope.

Then he calls at 12 noon to confirm and I start feeling nervous.

We prepare soto for iftar specially for him.

He finally arrives at 6 after 3 hours drive from Sg Rengit.

He seems nervous too.

We invite him in and they warmly greet and chat with him. I can hear laughter from where I stand in the kitchen.

The nervous feeling has gone.

Iftar is great. The food is delicious.

He stays until 10 for more chit chat. I can see that they warmed up to each other.

Then he makes a move for another 3 hours drive home.

The day ends with a bundle of joy and a big smile in my ♥.

Sayang, thank you for coming..mak & abah like you :)

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fanor said...

hope to hear a good news after this.. =)