Saturday, 9 January 2010

Best of 2009

1. Best Food - this is something I can't have enough of in 2009

Grilled stingray with rice @ Hotplate counter, Food Republic, Pavilion KL
- grilled to perfection and don't forget the sambal belacan, super spicy but sedappp..

2. Best Drink

Mango milkshake with pearl @ Little Taiwan

3. Best Fast-Food Joint - where I always went when I'm tired of rice

- ever since they introduced the Sub-of-the-day for MYR7.50, I kept coming here because it's affordable, delicious and also healthy. my fav is Sub-saturday with mustard & chilli sauce & extra pickles..

4. Best Clothing Item

Tudung Ekin
- tak kesah la brand apa pun, Ariani ke.. Munawwarah ke.. Hajaba ke.. atau yg kt blogshop or pasar-pasar malam.. yg pasti tudung ni sgt popular n Anis habis beratus gak la beli tudung nih..

5. Best Shopping Site - where most of my pocket money went to

- I bought some of my jewelry-making supply from this site. you can find lots of cool stuff here..

6. Best TV Series

Gossip Girl
- Serena Van der Woodsen and her carefree style.. love her!!!

Currently listening to Meet Me Halfway by BLACK EYED PEAS

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