Sunday, 7 February 2010

Hasil duit bonus 2009

Blackberry Curve 8520 in purple embossed skin

This is what I bought using my last year's bonus. After more than 5 years using Samsung SGH-X460C, only now I manage to change my phone. Anis ni bukan la someone yg up-to-date dgn communication technology...sbb tu tak pernah kesah nk tukar phone. Tapi sometimes terasa left out la jgk bila frens blh amik gmbr guna phone camera or ber'fb' or even find directions to a specific place using their phones.

So, why Blackberry? I described it to my dear fren, its sophisticated, ambitious and career-driven looking. Everything that I wish I am. :-D


mast@work said...

bestnyeee.. jeles aku siot!

Anis said...

ala mast...aku jeles ko ada D90

Anonymous said...


i was bloghopping and found ur blog.

i am also a blackberry user.There's a site in facebook that sells all kinds of BlackBerry skins,for all models.utk Iphone pun ade gak.

u cari under nama-Bling Queen / email

nice blog missy